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Remote therapy allows you to access the support you need, quickly and remotely.

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Why Remote Therapy?

access support anywhere

We believe you should be able to access the support you need at a time that suits you. Access mental health professionals fast.

Access Remote Therapists


Gain access to professional mental health support fast and without barriers


Select the mental health professional that delivers the style of suport you want


Join your lice therapy session from anywhere, on your computer or your mobile


Select from our list of vetted, mental health professionals, we have you covered


You therapist, your way. Find the perfect way to receove therapy that suits you


We enable your therapist to reduce their costs, passing the saving on to you

Your Therapy Unchained!

No longer are you bound to an office for your theraputic support. The Remote Therapist empowers you to find the right form of therapy for you, in an environment and location that suits you and your mental state of being. Connect via your computer or mobile.

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Offering you the Flexbility you need

Access your therapy, your way...

Remote Therapist provides you with accredited mental health professionals. You select the style of therapy you're looking for and match that with the availability of a therapist.

Your chosen mental health professional will then provide you with a simple to use a link that will allow you to access your therapy session with ease, from wherever you like.

Access Remote Therapists

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